2017. április 21., péntek

Making a plan - Asking "why"

Making a plan is an ordinary task for everyone because there are many fields which require planning. For example, even if we are going to go on holiday; we are planning what we should do, book flights, accommodation and sort out things around us. This is about organisation "how" which is a tool that we need for achieving the goal we have set for ourselves. We do not need to ask ourselves why we want to go because we may dreamt about it, need it, want it and feel it. In other words, we had probably already chosen the location from previous research and/or experience which is in accordance to our personal wishes. 

I have realised that the question of "why" comes naturally in our everyday lives, however, it is not something that is innate, which we were born with. This is according to livescience*, children aged between 2 and 5 years start asking never-ending "why's". They want to explore everything around them and everything is interesting. For adults, it is sometimes difficult to ask, there are many reasons behind the "whys". Therefore, we should ask ourselves; why do I forget to ask myself "why"? 

As a dance teacher and choreographer I have always made plans without realising this, and that this has been a routine and everyday experience for me, in my work. 

For example, practicing the following questions:

·         let's make a list for what I need to do;. 

·         why I want to do it?;

·         what is the reason and what are the benefits?; 

·         where will I perform?;

·         what is the aim of the event?;

·         what is their preference?; and

·         what kind of dance is required? 

Before the "how", there is something else which I need to know and that is "why" I do it? 

What is the aim and then I need to look for the tools of "how"? 

And so on...

Before choosing movements, I have to have a vision about what we want to express. The choreography will be pointless without this preparation. After this, I can think about the framework, how many rehearsals will be required, who will get involved, when and where the rehearsals will take place, thusly this is the organising of "how"?

This is what I have learnt regarding the process of research. I need to be reflective and control myself continuously asking "why" just as a 5 year old child, in order to explore the unknown. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing Barbara, I really enjoyed reading this and it has made me think about the importance of thinking of 'why' we do something. It's a very thoughtful way of thinking through processes of choreography and teaching that also I feel adds more meaning and depth to a piece of work...this blog has really made me reflect on what I do in classes when teaching and why I do it, perhaps my movement choices could work around the word 'WHY' a little more! Why have I chosen that move? Does it convey what I want it to convey?
    Thanks for this, it's got me thinking!